May 2023 Pretty Palette


Items included in the May 2023 Pretty Palette Kit:

**Glass Aqua Dyed Translucent 10mm Round (#10237)
**Freshwater Pearl Potato (Hole Through Width) White Beads (#12023)
**River Shell Tooth Shape Natural Beads (#12063)
**Dyed Purple Agate Faceted 12mm Stone Round Beads (#12755)
**Glass Beads Faceted Round Red 8mm (#11847)
**Dark Amethyst Glass Czech Round Fire Polished Faceted 8mm (#13466)
**Purple Iris Coated Czech Glass Round 4mm (#15395)
**Czech Faceted Glass Round 8mm Crystal Dual Coat Burgundy (#15989)
**Aqua Marquise Agate Stone Connector 20x40mm (#18271)
**Purple Glass & Metal Flower Slider 33mm (#10872A)
**Czech Aqua Faceted Glass with Topaz Luster Edge 8mm Beads (#11187A)
**White Painted Zinc Alloy Metal Flower 16x18mm Charms (#13874A)
**Super Bundle - Red Dyed Pearls Round Lentil 12mm Beads (#17152A)
**Light Blue Mix Silver Foil 10mm Round Lentil (#17367A)
**Super Bundle - Red Dyed Bamboo Coral Nugget 5-7mm Beads(#17565A)
**Super Bundle - Antiqued Silver Plated Dot 8mm Round Beads (#18996A)
**Super Bundle - Carved Bone Swirl Round 11mm Beads (#19284A)
**Raspberry Dyed Quartz Stone Round 8mm Beads (#19475A)


    Type: Beads

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