March 2023 Pretty Palette


Items included in the March 2023 Pretty Palette Kit:

**Semi-Precious Stone Amethyst 8mm Round Beads (#10534)
**Glass Beads Faceted Round 8mm White (#11826)
**Pink Coated Quartz Stone Cut Nugget Beads 8-20mm (#14969)
**Super Bundle - Czech Glass Turq Faceted Round with Luster 8mm (#17845)
**Super Bundle - Czech Glass Turq with Iris Dots  8.5x12mm (#17870)
**Green Marquise Agate Stone Connector 20x40mm (#18213)
**Real Pink Flower in Resin with Gold 28mm Pendant (#20352)
**Lavender Cubic Zirconia Faceted Rectangle 14x20mm Pendant (#21191)
**Light Blue Dyed Quartzite Stone Faceted Round 10mm Beads (#21316)
**Pink Pumpkin Ceramic 11mm Beads (#21406)
**Super Bundle - Czech Blue Mix Faceted Glass Round 6mm Beads (#21421)
**Super Bundle - Purple Dyed Shell Loop 20mm Beads (#14616A)
**White Dolomite Stone Round 10mm Beads (#17304A)
**Super Bundle - Pink Czech Glass Teardrop 4x5mm Beads (#17549A)
**Super Bundle - Czech Glass Green & White Oval 9x11mm Beads (#19027A)


    Type: Beads

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