Reconstituted Multi Dyed Stone Round 4mm Beads


These amazingly colorful and vibrant Reconstituted Multi Dyed Stone Beads are man-made conglomerates of many different dyed stones, mostly of Impression Jasper & Natural Jasper. Rough stone is kiln-dyed and broken up into small nuggets and chips, then adhered together under intense pressure and heat with a black stone dust resin.��The result is a brick-sized conglomerate of solid stone that can be worked in a lapidary manner just like any natural stone could be, so it is possible to create beautiful polished round beads, oval beads, square lentils or even cylindrical beads that will all be slightly different and original, but that will nearly all contain a mix of colors of the rainbow from yellow and natural brown jasper all the way through blue, green, purple and black.��These Reconstituted Multi Dyed Stone Round Beads are perfect beads for any of your jewelry creations!

Type: Beads

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