Glass Pearl 6mm Round Burgundy Beads


Our Glass Pearls are created with a semi-transparent paint that contains pearlized powders within them. We used fine-mist spraying system to spray a single layer of paint over each bead within a specially regulated enclosed spray booth. After one layer is sprayed, the beads are warmed and dried and then sprayed again. Our Glass Pearls beads are sprayed between 9 and 15 times with semi-transparent layers of pearlized paint. These multiple layers of semi-translucent coatings with reflective pearlized material in every level guarantee that each pearl looks like it has actual depth and character, creating the perfect statement or spacer bead for any of your jewelry designs.

Glass Pearl 6mm Round Burgundy Beads by Halcraft Collection, the Owners and Creators of Bead Gallery™. Buy Glass Pearl 6mm Round Burgundy Beads here at wholesale prices.


Type: Beads

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