Yggdrasil DIY Necklace

April 2018 Pretty Palettes Reveal  

Yggdrasil DIY Necklace

Yggrdrasil Necklace

Designed by Molly Schaller
featuring Bead Gallery® beads and pendants
available exclusively at www.Halcraftcollection.com

6 Bead Gallery® 4mm amazonite rounds (10106) 
1 Bead Gallery® 6mm amazonite round (10106) 
12 Bead Gallery® 5x8mm black lava rondell (14269) 
6 Bead Gallery® 10x13mm Costa Rican rosewood oval beads (13375) 
18 Bead Gallery® 10mm amazonite rounds (10106) 
12 Bead Gallery® natural river shell chips (12072) 
4 Bead Gallery® 8x12mm black lava stone rondell (14270) 
2 Bead Gallery 13x26mm Costa Rican rosewood tubes (13388) 
2 Bead Gallery® painted green dyed agate tube (13553) 
1 Bead Gallery® 10x32mm gold tone tree of life locket (14568) 
1 Bead Gallery® 15mm gold tone tree of life (14543) 
24” Beadalon gold tone flexible beading wire (JW02G-0) 
1 gold tone 1/2” eye pin 
2 gold tone 6mm jump rings 
1 gold tone lobster clasp with jump ring attached 
2 gold tone crimp tubes 

Chain-nose pliers 
Round-nose pliers 
Wire nippers 
Crimping pliers 

Tip: You can also use silver tone findings in this project. Use what works with your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid to mix and match metals. 

Time to create: 30 minutes to one hour 

1. Place a jump ring on the tree of life locket. 
2. Slide 1 crimp tube onto the end of the beading wire. Pass the end of the wire through the jump ring attached to the lobster clasp and back through the crimp tube. Crimp the tube. 
3. String 1 4mm amazonite round. 
4. String 1 small lava rondell, 1 wooden oval, 1 small lava rondell, and three 10mm amazonite rounds. Repeat this pattern two more times. 
5. String 3 river shell beads, 1 large lava rondell, 1 rosewood tube, 1 lava rondell, 3 river shell beads, 1 4mm amazonite round, 1 agate tube, 1 4mm amazonite round, and the jump ring of the tree of life locket. 
6. Repeat the stringing pattern from steps 3-5 but in the opposite order to make a symmetrical necklace. 
7. String crimp tube. Pass the wire through a jump ring and back through the crimp tube. Crimp the tube and trim excess wire. 
8. Slide the 6mm amazonite round onto the eye pin. Make a simple loop. 
9. Connect the amazonite link to the jump ring from step 6 on one side and the tree of life charm on the other. 
10. Enjoy!

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family and pets. She’s always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!