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LonaKana & Halcraft partner to create the World's Longest Necklace!

Here at Halcraft Collection, we believe in the restorative and healing powers of crafts. We partner with Crafting For A Cure, (an organization that gives craft supplies and to children who have to be in the hospital) and donate beads to Beads of Courage (an organization that uses beads to provide arts-in-medicine to children with serious illnesses). But recently one of our partners accomplished a feat that is Guinness-World-Record-worthy.

LonaKana is a special retreat dedicated to women battling cancer. They will provide a peaceful environment to promote healing and brighten spirits at no cost to their guests. Managed by a team of professional caregivers and compassionate volunteers, LonaKana Retreat will offer its guests the chance to rest, relax, and make memories.

Classes in yoga, meditation, pottery, and jewelry design will be offered at the guest's request. While the majority of the retreat's services are focused on women, designated weekends throughout the year will be customized for terminal children and their families

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The image you see above is of only a small section of the world-record-breaking necklace.

Check out these amazing stats:
408,672.8 inches
11,352 yards
10.3 km
34,056 feet
6.45 miles
over 1,191,960 beautiful Halcraft beads!!!
YOU can own a piece of the love!

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Maryann Corey, founder of LonaKana says: the Pocono Raceway we laid out our beautiful glass beaded necklace and measured 6.45 miles!!!!
Your beads sparkled on the raceway, and we are hoping they will continue to sparkle in the smiles this necklace will make. 
Over 4000 children all around the country helped bead this necklace; each bead was put on with love and good intentions. These 'Love Beads' will help fund our expansion and help so many families make lasting and loving memories for years to come.
We cannot thank Halcraft enough for your years of support, generosity and your kindness, our hearts are full.

This 5-month beading project connected over 1,000 community members, students, summer campers, and local officials in Northeastern, PA

Own a piece of this Guinness World Record, and make an impact in the lives of women and children battling cancer. Love beads are a (24-inch) section of the world’s longest beaded necklace. 

100% of every sale goes directly to the LonaKana cancer retreat center project.

When positive intentions are put into a task, those intentions continue to positively impact the lives that they touch. Every bead was added with love and attention to make a difference in the world.

Support LonaKana by buying a strand of Love Beads

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family and pets. She’s always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!