Wander Seek DIY Necklace


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
featuring Bead Gallery® beads
available exclusively at www.Halcraftcollection.com

8                    Bead Gallery® gold plated 4mm round metal spacer
1 strand    Bead Gallery® semi precious amazonite chips
43                 Bead Gallery® amazonite large sticks (teeth)
18                 Bead Gallery® amazonite tear drop nuggets
20                 Bead Galley® amazonite square 10mm
1 strand    Bead Gallery® iris luster hematite stone   
90”               brown 2-ply waxed linen cording
9                    gold tone 6mm jump rings
1                    gold tone 8m jump ring
1                    gold tone medium lobster clasp

Chain-nose pliers (2)
Wire nippers
Super glue

Level of difficulty (Advanced)

Time – 1 to 1½ hours depending on skill level

Tip: Line up your amazonite sticks from shortest - longest (Middle) - shortest before you string your design.
1.    Strand 1 – Cut 30” of 2-ply cording.
2.    String gold spacer 4mm, (amazonite stick, iris hematite) repeat 41 times, amazonite stick, and gold spacer 4mm.
3.    Set strand aside.
4.    Strand 2 – Cut 30” of 2-ply cording.
5.    String gold spacer 4mm, (amazonite teardrop nugget, 3 iris hematite) repeat 15 times, amazonite teardrop nugget and gold spacer 4mm.
6.    Set strand aside.
7.    Strand 3 – Cut 30” of 2-ply cording.
8.    String (amazonite chip, iris hematite) repeat 33, iris hematite and gold spacer 4mm.
9.    Center all 3 strands on cording.  Bring cords together.
10.    Left side – String gold spacer 4mm through all 3 strands.
11.    Separate strands, string amazonite square through center strand. Bring strands together and form an overhand knot.
12.    Repeat step 11 on left side of necklace 9 times (10 in total).
13.    Right side -Repeat steps 10-12 on the right side of necklace.
14.    Left side of necklace – String 8mm jump ring and form an overhand knot.  Dab knot with super glue and trim excess cording.
15.    Attach 6mm jump ring around knot. Repeat 3 times.
16.    Right side of necklace – String lobster clasp and form an overhand knot. Dab knot with super glue and trim excess cording.
Attach 6mm jump ring around knot. Repeat 5 times.


Do you have a bohemian spirit? Denise's Wander Seek Necklace is perfect for your boho soul.  This stunning stone necklace was handcrafted using Bead Gallery® amazonite spikes, amazonite chips, gold-plated 4mm rounds, amazonite teardrop nuggets, amazonite square 10mm and iris luster hematite stone.