Twilight Garden diy Earrings

DESIGNED BY Molly Schaller

The Twilight Garden Earrings are part of our monthly Pretty Palettes design challenge. Click to learn how you can play along!

2 9x21mm blue faceted glass teardrops
2 8mm light blue dyed dolomite rounds
20” 22-gauge antique brass German style wire
1 pair ear wires

Wire cutters
Round-nose pliers

Level of difficulty: intermediate

Time: 30 minutes


1. Cut a 6-inch piece of wire and a 4-inch piece of wire.

2. Make a wrapped loop at the end of the 4-inch wire, slide a blue dolomite round onto the wire, make a wrapped loop and then wrap the wire around the bead and around the first loop you wrapped. Trim any excess wire.

3. Onto the 6-inch piece of wire string the faceted glass teardrop so that it is ½ inch from the end of the wire. Bend the wire into a U shape so that the wire conforms to the end of the bead. Wrap the short wire around the longer wire.

4. Make a wrapped loop with the longer wire, attaching it to the loop of the dolomite link. Continue wrapping the tail of the wire down the bead. Trim wire as necessary.

5. Open the loop of the ear wire and attach to the other loop of dolomite link.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make the second earring.

Molly Schaller is a crafts industry consultant, jewelry designer, and communications specialist. She loves how crafts weave one's heart, hands, and mind into one beautiful experience and is always on the lookout for a new crafting hobby.