Spiritual Energy DIY Bracelet


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
for Halcraft Collection

02     Bead Gallery® blue luster quartz crystal spikes (10144)
01     Bead Gallery® blue dyed agate nugget slice (15152)
14     Bead Gallery® blue coated druzy agate round 12mm (16364)
01     Bead Gallery® tag of blue dyed quartzite stone chips (10128)
56     Bead Gallery® blue dyed imperial jasper round 6mm (13294)
16     Bead Gallery® white dolomite stone matte (14900)
02     gold tone crimp beads size 2
02     gold tone 2” beaded head pin
07     gold tone memory wire loops

Memory wire cutters
Round nose pliers

Level of difficulty (beginner to Intermediate)

Time – 1 hour or less depending on skill level


1.    Using memory wire cutters cut 7 loops of memory wire.
2.    Form a simple loop on one end of memory wire.
3.    String 1 loop quartzite chips, 1 loop imperial jasper 6mm, 16 white dolomite, crimp bead, agate slice, crimp bead, 14 druzy rounds, 1 loop imperial jasper 6mm and 1 loop of quartzite chips.
4.    Tighten beads – Make sure chip beads are snug and form a simple loop.
5.    Using 2” beaded head pin, string spike, form a partial loop, connect loop to end of bracelet and complete wrapped loop.
6.    Repeat step 5 on other side of bracelet.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.