Spirit Stone Necklaces


01      Bead Gallery® polished stone teardrop pendants (10089)
10      Bead Gallery® golden tiger eye A quality round 6mm (13329)
10      Bead Gallery® multi-pack crystal quartz 6mm (10091)
10      Bead Gallery® multi-pack dyed howlite turquoise round 6mm (10095)
10      Bead Gallery® green aventurine 6mm round (12751)
10      Bead Gallery® sodalite 6mm rounds (12692)
08      Bead Gallery® blue goldstone 8mm rounds (10571)
08      Bead Gallery® red jasper round 6mm (17237)
12      Bead Gallery® Chinese unakite round 4mm (10591)
08      silver tone 6mm jump rings (1 per necklace)
24      silver tone 5mm jump ring (3 per necklace)
08      silver tone 8mm jump ring (1 per necklace)
08      silver tone lobster clasp (1 per necklace)
16      silver tone eye pins (2 per necklace)
40”    silver tone 24g wire (5” per necklace)
104” silver tone small link chain (13” per necklace)

Wire nippers
Round nose pliers
2 – Chain nose pliers

Time – 30 to 45 minutes depending on skill level

Instructions: Instructions are the same for each necklace. Please use bead count above and adjust as needed per each necklace.

1. Remove bale from pendant and attach 6mm jump ring.
2. 5” of silver tone wire, form a wrapped loop.
3. String 4 beads, teardrop pendant, 4 beads and form a wrapped loop.
4. Cut 2 lengths of 6 ½” of chain. Set aside.
5. Using eye pin, string bead and form a simple loop. Repeat 1 time.
6. Left side of necklace – Using 1 length of 6 ½” chain, move up chain ½” and make a cut. Attach beaded loop between 6” and ½” of chain.
7. Using a 5mm jump ring, attach bead end of chain to left side of pendant.
8. Using a 5mm jump ring, attach 8mm jump ring to end of chain.
9. Right side of Necklace – Attach beaded loop to end of chain.
10. Open beaded loop and attach to right side of pendant.
11. Using 5mm jump ring, attach lobster clasp to right side of necklace chain.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.