Softly Spring Earrings

Designed by  Molly Schaller

These Earrings are part of the April 2019
Pretty Palette design challenge!

Click to get inspired with a soft pastel palette of Bead Gallery® beads
from the Halcraft Collection and learn how you can play along! 

Designed by Molly Schaller

Featuring Bead Gallery® beads
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2 30mm white howlite donuts
4 2x7mm silver dyed matte bone rondelles
2 10x16mm aqua dyed dolomite faceted rectangles
1 pr silver ear wires (from the pink rhinestone tassels)
12” 24-gauge German style wire silver color

Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire nippers

Level of difficulty: intermediate

Time: 1 hour or less


1. Cut the wire into two 6” pieces.
2. Make a V-bend in one piece of wire about 1.5” from the end. Insert it into the center of a donut. Wrap the long tail around the donut two more times.
3. With the long end of the wire emerging from the top, wrap the shorter wire around the long one twice to secure it onto the donut.
4. String 1 bone rondelle, 1 aqua faceted rectangle, and 1 bone rondelle.
5. Make a wrapped loop.
6. Open the ear wire and slide the wrapped loop onto the ear wire. Close the ear wire.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 to create the second earring.  

Molly Schaller is a beaded jewelry designer and craft industry consultant who loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family and pets. She’s always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!

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