Snowfall Earrings


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
for Halcraft Collection

Red Earrings
02     Bead Gallery® metal and crystal sliders dot snowflake (16314)
08     Bead Gallery® Siam Czech glass round 3mm (15584)
27”   Bead Gallery® earthy red suede cording 3mm (15050)
02     gold tone ear wires
02     gold tone 2” eye pins
24”   gold tone 24g wire

Turquoise Earrings
02     Bead Gallery® metal and glass slider gold flower (16322)
04     Bead Gallery® turquoise opaque Czech 6mm (15535)
27”   Bead Gallery® teal suede cording 3mm (15037)
02     silver tone ear wires
02     silver tone 2” eye pins
24”   silver tone 24g wire

Purple Earrings
02     Bead Gallery® amber slider mix – gold filigree (16329)
04     Bead Gallery® antique copper Czech glass 6mm (15548)
27”   Bead Gallery® dark purple suede cording 3mm (15056)
02     silver tone ear wires
02     silver tone 2” eye pins
24”   silver tone 24g wire

Wire nippers
Round nose pliers
2 – Chain nose pliers
X-Acto knife

Level of difficulty (Intermediate to Advanced)

Time – Less than 1 hour per earring set

Tip – Add beads to make a longer version. General bead count for red, turquoise and purple earrings is listed below.


Fringe -
1.       Cut 3 lengths of 9” suede.
2.       Using 1 length of suede, cut a ¼” slit in the center of suede.
3.       Move down 7/8” and cut a 2nd ¼” slit in the center of suede.
4.       Pass top of suede end through backside 2nd cut in suede. Pull forward until 1st cut peeks out of 1st cut.
5.       Pick up back suede strand and pass through backside 1st slit cut. Pull forward.
6.       Trim ends to desired length.
7.       Repeat steps 1-6 a total of 3 times.
8.       Cut 12” of 26g wire.
9.       Turn slider to backside; find shortest distance between loops (these are the loops we will be attaching fringe).
10.    Form 3 coils around left side loop.
11.    String 3 lengths of fringe.
12.    Form 3 coils around right side loop.
13.    Trim long ends of wire.

Attaching Ear Wires
14.    Using 2” eye pin, string beads and form a simple loop. (Depending on which design you decide string the following above: Turquoise – 1 bead, Red – 2 beads, Purple 1 bead)
15.     Using chain nose pliers twist 1 loop so that the loops are facing opposite direction.
16.    Attach eye pin to top left side loop on slider.
17.    Repeat steps 14-16 on the right side of slider.
18.    Using chain nose pliers, twist the loop on the bottom of ear wire to the front.
19.    Open loop, string eye pin loops and close bottom loop.
20.    Repeat steps 1-19 for 2nd earring.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.