serenity diy necklace

DESIGNED BY Molly Schaller

The Serenity Necklace is part of the Pretty Palettes monthly design challenge. Click to learn how you can play along!

2 3mm lime Czech fire-polished glass faceted rounds
2 10mm crystal glass with gold luster melons
8 8mm silver plated lantern rondelles
8 13 x18mm turquoise dyed howlite flat ovals
1 18 x 25mm turquoise dyed howlite flat oval
1 10mm white howlite round
1 light aqua tassel
73 6mm sandalwood rounds
Silk cording

Knotting tool
Bead Bug

Level of difficulty: intermediate

Time: 2+ hours


1. Remove the silk cording with needle from its card and stretch the cord to take out the kinks.

2. Place the Bead Bug on the end of the silk.

3. String 13 sandalwood beads and 1 small turquoise oval.

4. String 3 sandalwood beads, 1 silver lantern, 3 sandalwood beads, and 1 turquoise oval. Repeat 2 more times.

5. String 3 sandalwood beads, 1 silver lantern, 3 sandalwood beads, 1 crystal melon, and 1 lime fire-polished round.

6. Use the knotting tool to make knots between each of these beads.

7. String 1 white howlite round, 1 large turquoise oval, and the top loop of the light turquoise tassel.

8. Pass back through the large turquoise oval and make a knot. Pass back through the white howlite round and make a knot.

9. String the beads from steps 3-5 in reverse order, but only 12 sandalwood beads when finishing to create a symmetrical necklace.

10. Make knots between each bead and pass through the first sandalwood bead you strung in step 3.

11. Make a knot to finish the necklace and fray the cording. 

Molly Schaller is a crafts industry consultant, jewelry designer, and communications specialist. She loves how crafts weave one's heart, hands, and mind into one beautiful experience and is always on the lookout for a new crafting hobby.