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serenity diy Earrings

DESIGNED BY Molly Schaller

The Serenity Earrings are part of the Pretty Palettes monthly design challenge. Click to learn how you can play along!

2 10mm crystal glass with gold luster melons
8 8mm aqua dyed dolomite rounds
2 10mm white howlite round
4 6x25mm diamond shape carved bone tubes
12 6mm gold tone Bali-style spacers
4 4mm gold tone plated smooth rounds
1 pair gold ear wires
12” 20 gauge gold German style wire

Wire nippers
Round-nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers

Level of difficulty: intermediate

Time: 1 hour


1. Cut 1 6” piece of German wire.

2. String 1 4mm gold round, 1 Bali spacer, 1 diamond shape carved bone tube, 1 Bali spacer 2 aqua dolomite rounds, 1 Bali spacer, 1 10mm white howlite round, 1 Bali spacer, 2 aqua dolomite rounds, 1 Bali spacer, 1 diamond shape carved bone tube, 1 Bali spacer, and 1 4mm gold round.

3. Bring the ends of the wire together to make a teardrop shape with one longer tail. Wrap the shorter tail around the longer tail 2 or 3 times and trim shorter tail.

4. Slide 1 crystal and gold melon bead onto the longer tail and make a wrapped loop.

5. Pass the ear wire loop through the wrapped loop.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to create second earring. 

Molly Schaller is a crafts industry consultant, jewelry designer, and communications specialist. She loves how crafts weave one's heart, hands, and mind into one beautiful experience and is always on the lookout for a new crafting hobby. 

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