September 2020 Pretty Palette Reveal

Monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

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Welcome to the September 2020 Pretty Palette Reveal!

I hope these beads were as inspiring for you as they were for me this month. Every day feels like a new challenge but also more of the same old, same old. Fortunately, these colors as well as this mix of materials really caught my eye this month and brightened my spirits. Throughout the pandemic, I've found yoga to be a real source of comfort, stress relief, and physical and mental stability. This set is dedicated to my morning yoga routine and the help it has given me throughout this experience.

I started this month's challenge with an earring project, which I often save for last because earrings are great for using up the leftover beads, am I right? Well, not this time! No, they received my fresh eyes and also some of the loveliest amazonite teeth beads from the selection of sparkling beads in this Pretty Palette. 

Asana Earring Instructions

I must admit this second set was one of my favorites to make and admire. It's the Trichonasana bracelet set. Trichonasana (triangle pose) was my choice of name because this trinity of bracelets based on sets of three. It has three loops in each bracelet, and there are three sets of bracelets. Each bracelet has three types of beads. The teeny tiny faceted glass beads are a wonder to watch sparkle, and they're a joy to work with on memory wire. Remember, as a little side note of warning, to ALWAYS use memory wire shears with your memory wire projects. 

Trichonasana Bracelets Instructions

Next, I worked on creating a necklace that is as calming as a meditation session to make. The Philippine polished wood beads were the perfect solution. A simple strand of lightweight beads strung in a rhythm was the perfect foil for any stress that might build up during the day, and it's as calming to make as it is to look at and wear. 

Meditation Necklace Instructions

There are only a couple sets of this gorgeous Pretty Palette left, so don't miss your chance to get 30% off the entire kit! 

hether you're finished with YOUR reveal now or later, visit our Halcraft Collection Facebook group, where you'll find other members of the beading community who love beads and adding to their bead collection as much as you do. For those of you who are Pretty Palette participants, please post your projects to share with us so that we can celebrate you!

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September's Pretty Palette Collection 

Molly Schaller is a craft industry consultant with a focus on design thinking, transmedia storytelling, and user experience design. She loves a variety of crafts; beading, knitting, and bookbinding are some of her favorites. She’s always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!

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