Pisces Bracelet


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
featuring Bead Gallery® beads
available exclusively at www.Halcraftcollection.com

01     Bead Gallery® handmade ceramic tropical fish (15280)
60     Bead Gallery® light aqua Czech glass 3mm round (15595)
25     Bead Gallery® ivory opaque Czech GB due 2 hole oval (15313)
50     Bead Gallery® turquoise opaque Czech GB duo 2 hole (15302)
02     Bead Gallery® bright yellow Czech glass 3mm round (15565)
160” brown 3-ply waxed linen cording

Wire nippers
Super glue
Clip Board or Macramé Board
Large document clip

Level of difficulty (Advanced)

Time – 1 to 2 hours depending on skill level


1.     Cut 4 lengths of 40” cording.
2.     Bring 4 strands together, move down 7” and braid    1¾” length of cord (1 braid strand will have 2 lengths of cording).
3.    Form a loop with braid and form a simple knot. Pull tight.
4.    Short strands – Separate strands – Form a simple knot close to braid knot, string aqua 3mm and form a simple knot. Trim end and fray.
5.    Repeat step 4 a total of 4 times using 2 aqua 3mm beads and 2 yellow 3mm beads.
6.    Place knot underneath document clip on top of clipboard.
7.    Separate strands – String 1 aqua 3mm on each strand.
8.    2 Left Side Strands – String turquoise 2-hole bead on 2 left side strands.
9.    2 Right Side Strands – String turquoise 2-hole bead on 2 left side strands.
10.    2 Center Strands – String ivory 2-hole bead on center 2 strands.
11.    Left Strand only – String aqua 3mm bead.
12.    Right Strand only – String aqua 3mm bead.
13.    Repeat steps 8-12 (24 times).
14.    Repeat steps 8-9 (1 time).
15.    Repeat step 7 (1 time).
16.    Bring strands together and form an overhand knot.
17.    Separate strands into sets of 2 – left and right side.
18.    String fish bead on left side cords.
19.    String right side cords through fish bead.
20.    Pull each side cording tight and form a simple knot.
21.    Form simple knot on other side of fish.
22.    Trim ends of cording.
23.    Dab knot with super glue.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.