Peacock Perfection DIY Necklace

May 2018 Pretty Palettes Reveal  

Yggdrasil DIY Necklace

Peacock Perfection DIY Necklace
by Molly Schaller
Featuring Bead Gallery® beads from the Halcraft Collection

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4 4mm purple agate rounds (10104)
14 6mm purple agate rounds (10104)
2 8mm purple agate rounds (10104)
18 6mm green dyed agate matte fire crackle rounds (13324)
4 8mm green dyed agate matte fire crackle rounds (13338)
27 6x3mm onyx rondelles (10560)
31 3x6m gold glass faceted rondelles (11884)
30 gold iris hematine luster squares (12816)
5 8mm Czech fire-polished light turquoise glass faceted rounds (13486)
2 8mm Czech fire-polished turquoise glass faceted rounds (13498)
4 8mm Czech fire-polished cornflower glass faceted rounds (13458)
3 8mm purple glass pearls (13011)
1 14mm dyed black & white banded onyx round (13568)
2 6mm gold luster hematine faceted round (12820)
1 black dyed druzy slice pendant with gold edge (13801)
1 18mm antique gold flower link (13964)
1 gold tone 6mm jump rings
1 gold tone lobster clasp with jump ring attached
60” black waxed linen cord

Wire nippers
Chain-nose pliers
Knotting tool

Tip: You don’t need to place a knot between every bead. I strung a few hematine squares and stacked them up without a knot between each one. Play around with what you like and make the necklace your own. For a more comfortable necklace, string the smaller beads so that they’re at the back of the necklace, near the clasp.

Time to create: 2-3 hours

1. Remove the bail from the druzy pendant. Place this to the side along with the onyx round and two hematite faceted rounds.
2. Make a bead mix of the remaining beads.
3. Pass the end of the linen cord through the loop of the clasp. Make an overhand knot twice and trim the tail.
4. String about half of the mixed beads onto the linen cord. Use the knotting tool to place overhand knots between the beads (or you might want to stack a few without knots). Have fun with it! If you want to lay your beads out before you string them, that’s a great way to see how it will look and save time. Once the knots are in the string, you can’t restring them without cutting it all apart, so try to get it right the first time.
5. Once you have half of the necklace strung, pass the cord through 1 hematine faceted round, the banded onyx round, a hematine faceted round and the loop of the pendant.
6. Pass the cord back up through the hematine, onyx, and hematine beads. Make a knot after the final hematine.
7. String more of your bead mix randomly to create the second half of the necklace, knotting as you go. Add the flower connector closer to or farther from the pendant, depending on your taste.
8. Tie a knot to the loop of the flower connector and trim tail.
9. Tie the remaining cord to the other loop of the flower connector. Make an overhand knot to connect the connector and string the remaining beads. Place knots between the beads and make sure that your necklace is even.
10. Pass the cord through the jump ring and make two overhand knots. Trim cord.
11. Enjoy!

Molly Schaller loves beading, knitting, gardening, bookbinding, and being with her family and pets. She’s always on the lookout for new ways to express her creativity and help others learn ways to tap into their creativity as well!