october 2020 Pretty Palette reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

grey, cream, pink and orange color palette

Sometimes the color palettes surprise me by showing up in unexpected places...

glowing embers in a campfire

October's Pretty Palette not only looks like a burning fire, but it also has the colors of fallen leaves on the forest floor.

While I was hiking in a nearby state park last weekend, I found myself noticing the pastel colors of the fallen leaves along the paths. They carried the same pink, light brown, soft orange, and grey in this month's Pretty Palette! It had rained recently, so the misty trails were damp and the leaves were a glossy coating of colors on the rock and earth paths. 

bead strands in grey, cream, pink, and light orange

This month's projects include two statement necklaces and a pair of lightweight but bold earrings. The Shoulder Duster Earrings are made with mostly wood and bone beads with a pop of pink Czech fire-polished faceted glass rounds. They're long enough to nearly brush my shoulders but lighter in weight than many metal earrings. The bottom link creates fantastic movement and fun! 

Instruction for Shoulder Duster Earrings

My favorite of this month's projects is the Double Loop Necklace. Have you ever created a project that just feels so RIGHT and so YOU? This necklace is my project like that. I'm planning to create another one for myself! 

Instructions for the Double Loop Necklace

It might look as though I've made tiny knots between each of the Philippine wood beads, but these are actually tiny 11/0 black seed beads that give each of the wooden beads a little more space and attention. The textured hammered loops have a worn-in texture that gives the piece a comfortable sophistication. 

The second necklace capitalizes on the varied pastel colors and textures of the pectin shell heishi beads. Each one adds so much to the laid back Harvest Moon Necklace. Two strands of wire combine inside the strands of beads on each side and then separate at the center of the necklace to create a bold bib-style piece. 

Instructions for the Harvest Moon Necklace

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It's near the end of the month, but you can STILL create and share an image of your creation in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #halcraftprettypalette and follow us on Instagram!

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