June 2019 Pretty Palettes Reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

Welcome to the June 2019
Pretty Palette reveal!

Get "buzzy" with Bead Gallery® beads from the Halcraft Collection

Hello, Pretty Palette friends! Welcome to the June 2019 Pretty Palette Reveal! This month's beads had a garden flare: blues, greens, and neutrals, with that tiny punch of yellow and the sweetest little handmade ceramic bee bead! There are still a few of these limited edition sets available for 30% off--21 glorious bead selections delivered to your doorstep for only $47.43!

This is the first time I've included a collection within a Pretty Palette collection. The variety of fire-polished faceted glass beads are all 3mm in size for the bead weavers (and small bead lovers) among you! These little 3mm beads might get your creative wheels turning and inspire you to get out your looms. I used mine to make a wrap bracelet with the bee bead as a button-style clasp and sections of 30 3mm fire-polished faceted rounds woven around white leather cording.  Click the image for instructions to make your own Bee's Knees Bracelet

And do you remember my crush beads? Those beautiful Czech crystal glass melons with gold tucked between the crystal puffs of glass? They made an appearance in both my Serenity Necklace and Serenity Earrings. Here's a little closeup of them knotted as part of the focal of the necklace. 

The Serenity Necklace is named for the meditative experience of knotting beads on silk cord. The repetitive nature of knotted necklaces appeals to the knitter in me. I string all the beads of one side of the necklace, then knot them all so I can enjoy that rhythm. Then I string the tassel and pendant and repeat!

This necklace is long and made to wear over your head without a clasp. The only tools you need to make it are a knotting tool and scissors. The silk thread comes with the needle already attached!

Those glorious Czech crystal glass beads also show up in the Serenity Earrings. These are made using German wire for the frame of the earring to give it structure. They're quick and easy! Give your outfit a boho vibe by adding these earthy accessories!

Just because you've joined us on reveal day, it doesn't mean you can't still play along.

Here's how you can still join the challenge:

1. Read about the Pretty Palette challenge right here. 
 2. Get your Pretty Palette beads at 30% off all June (sale ends June 30th at midnight) with quick and easy ordering!  Click to get the entire Pretty Palette set delivered to your doorstep for $47.43!
 3. Bead with your current collection while your Pretty Palette beads make their way to you as quickly as possible. Halcraft Collection's shipping can't be beat--and it's FREE to the U.S. with every order over $40! 
 4. Once you have the beads in hand, create something that is YOU! Feel free to add beads from your stash that flow with the provided palette or use only a portion of the beads chosen here. The key is to have fun and use your creativity! 
5. Share an image of your creation in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #PrettyPalettes or #halcraftprettypalettes and follow us on Instagram

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