July 2018 Pretty Palette inspiration

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

Welcome to the AUGUST 2018
Pretty Palettes Design Challenge!

Get inspired with a Pretty Palette of Bead Gallery® beads from the Halcraft Collection

Welcome to Halcraft Collection's August Pretty Palette Challenge! It's a fun way to jumpstart your creativity, add some amazing beads to your collection, and share your projects with the rest of the beading community! This month's Pretty Palette is inspired by an assortment of natural beads in coastal cool colors, reminiscent of Penobscot Bay in Maine.

The water is cold, but the life among the rocks and shells is vibrant! I first learned about and saw tidal pools there when I visited over 20 years ago. They were tiny pools of life, color, and activity. I attended an Audubon Camp call Naturalizing by Kayak off the coast on Hog Island. If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it!

But let's get back to the BEADS! Here's how you can join the challenge:

1. Read about the Pretty Palette challenge right here. 
2. Get your Pretty Palette beads at 30% off with quick and easy ordering by clicking the button above or the individual links to the beads to the right.
3. Bead while your Pretty Palette beads make their way to you as quickly as possible. Halcraft Collection's shipping can't be beat! 
4. Once you have the beads in hand, create something that is YOU! Feel free to add beads from your stash that flow with the provided palette or use only a portion of the beads chosen here. The key is to have fun and use your creativity!

5. Share an image of your creation on the last Wednesday of the month (August 29th this month) in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #PrettyPalettes and follow us on Instagram! I will be posting my project here on the blog as well as in the group. Visit at the end of the month for free instructions if you want to make what I've made!
The image above shows the bead strands I've chosen for this month's theme. I've been so excited about Halcraft's new bodhi nut beads. They've got an amazing feel and silky texture with an almost luminescent quality that lets a bit of light through. There are two types of wooden beads as well as Philippine shell beads various semiprecious varieties. I'm a huge fan of lapis and sodalite!   

Now's your chance to get the entire August Pretty Palette collection for 30% off! It's my treat to you to help keep your beading fun and inspiring, as well as affordable. Click the links to the right to add each bead to your cart.    

I’ll see you back here and in our Facebook group on the last Wednesday of August for the big reveal!

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