Midnight Ranch Necklace

Midnight ranch Necklace

Designed by Michelle Mach
featuring Bead Gallery Beads from the Halcraft Collection 

82                 ivory-and-brown 8x10mm reconstituted stone skulls (12318)
27 3/4"    dark brown 3mm deerskin lace
48"             light beige hemp cord
36"             light cocoa hemp cord
42"             medium brown hemp cord
3                  gold-plated 6mm jump rings
8                  gold-plated foldover cord ends
1                  gold-plated lobster clasp with attached jump ring

443524 Chain nose pliers (2)
10186586 Scissors

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Time: 2 hours  

Tip: Lengthen the skull or deerskin strands by 1-2 inches and skip the clasp to create a necklace that slips over the head.

1. Use the light beige hemp cord to form an overhand knot about 3" from one end.
2. String 1 skull; form an overhand knot. Repeat 29 times, stringing the first 15 skulls in one direction (eye end first) and the last 15 in the opposite direction (teeth end first),
3. Repeat Step 1 with the light cocoa hemp cord. Repeat Step 2 using 24 skulls instead of 30.
4. Repeat Step 1 with the medium brown hemp cord. Repeat Step 2, using 28 skulls instead of 30.
5. Arrange cords in size order on your work surface with the shortest at the top.
6. Use all three cords to form an overhand knot over the three initial knots. Place the cords inside 1 foldover cord end and close. Trim ends. Attach 1 jump ring to the cord end. Repeat entire step for other half of the necklace.
7. Cut the deerskin lace into three 9 1/4" pieces. Place 1 end of 1 piece of the deerskin lace inside 1 foldover cord end and close. Repeat for the other end of the deerskin lace. Repeat the entire step twice to create a total of three deerskin lace strands.
8. Use 1 jump ring to attach the end of the 3 deerskin lace strands to the jump ring attached to the lobster clasp. Attach the free ends of the deerskin lace strands to the jump ring attached to the other side of the necklace.