june 2022 Pretty Palette inspiration

monthly Design Challenge with  LARISMA MANDARO

June 2022 Pretty Palette Kit

The June Pretty Palette includes 20 different components for you to play with. A beautiful variety of green, red, pink, and brown colored beads!

June is a time when we embrace the outdoors and hopefully have less pollen in the air! With this collection, we represent the light colors of early summer with some great contrasting colors to evoke various aspects of the season.

We have some great new items in this color mix for exploring new combinations. June is often a busy time when school ends and things are wrapping up. We hope that this will bring a calmness as well as we head into the end of the month.

You can get your own June Pretty Palette kit sent to you in the mail with FREE SHIPPING for 30% off today! Click any of the individual beads from the list on the right to get a closer look or to add them to your cart. Best of all, individual bead strands and the full kit are 30% off, so don't wait to get yours! Our Pretty Palette kits sell out fast!
    *You can buy the entire collection with one click.
    *You can browse the collection and choose which you'd like to add to your own collection.

If you're a newbie to my monthly challenge, read on to learn how you can play along!

1. Check out the current month's Pretty Palette challenge right here.

2. Get your June 2022 Pretty Palette bead kit for 30% off now with Halcraft Collection's quick and easy ordering. One click and it's delivered to your doorstep with free shipping! 

3. Bead with your current collection while your Pretty Palette beads make their way to you as quickly as possible. 

4. Once you have the beads in hand, create something that is YOU! Feel free to add beads from your stash that flow with the provided palette or use only a portion of the beads chosen here. The key is to have fun and use your creativity.

5. Share an image of your creation in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #halcraftprettypalette and follow us on Instagram

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Larisma Mandaro is excited to share a glimpse of the beautiful ideas that roam inside her head.  Remember to always have fun when doing what brings you joy!