June 2020 Pretty Palette reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

Want to learn how to amp up your creativity? 

Add some constraints. Although at first it might sound contrary to the goal of expanding your creative powers, it actually works in the opposite way. Having fewer options pushes you to be more creative with what you have. Working within constraints is one of my favorite parts of Pretty Palettes; we're limited by the beads and colors each month, and those constraints push us to think outside of the box and come up with ideas we would never think of without these boundaries.

I embraced the power of constraints this month by accident. I had to take a 4-hour car trip and I wanted to bring my beads along with me. You've all experienced that, right? Car beading is such a great way to pass the time! Well, I was running a bit behind, and I grabbed my June Pretty Palette kit, my tools, and my bead board along with some wire and hopped into the passenger seat of the car. 

When I pulled out my supplies to do a bit of beading, I realized I didn't bring any findings or flexible bead stringing wire! But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I decided to limit myself to what I could make with what I had, and I love how it all turned out! 

This month, the final Wednesday comes relatively early, so you still have nearly a week to purchase the June Pretty Palette beading kit and bonus beads for 30% off:
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June Pretty Palette color palette with bracelet, necklace, and earrings

I started by making lots of little links for the Endless Summer Necklace, which is a linked rosary-style necklace. These are great for using a variety of beads that are all similar sizes, and I usually keep the smallest beads toward the back of the necklace create better balance visually and physically. The large beaded link at the bottom of this long necklace are on a curved wire link. I worked over and over with different sorts of pendant and wire wrapped options for this necklace using these large turquoie teardrop, but this one using all three was my favorite. 

Click for Endless Summer Necklace Instructions

As I was creating little links I found myself making links that used the fun little light blue dagger beads. I tried them within the necklace, but their shape was so different from the other links, it just didn't seem to flow. That's when I knew I'd use them in a bracelet to create movement and drama. The Endless Summer Bracelet uses three strands of links for texture, sparkle, and cha-cha bracelet fun!

Click for Endless Summer Bracelet Instructions

I made bold Endless Summer Earrings to go with this set that are also wire based. They're simple to make, but bold! Their saturated turquoise and bright green jasper beads are perfect for a summer outfit. 

Click for Endless Summer Earring Instructions

Thanks so much for playing along with me this month. Don't forget, I'll have a new Pretty Palette waiting for you in a week! Here's a quick sneak peek! 

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June 2020 Pretty Palette Collection