July 2020 Pretty Palette inspiration

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

orange, yellow, green, and blue color palette

Silent fireworks are going off...

...in my garden! 

Here in Indiana, the start of July has been hot and humid. My plants are LOVING it! I have at least four types of daylilies blooming in my yard in various places right now. Each type is a little different. Daylilies have been found growing wild for millennia throughout China, Mongolia, Northern India, Korea, and Japan. And not only can they be found in my garden, but they also line many country roads all over America. The daylily's tie to Asia made the beautiful mosaic beads on the right of the photo below a perfect member of the Daylily Daze Pretty Palette.

The July Pretty Palette features Czech glass; amazonite, hematine, and agate stone; beautiful enamel and mosaic beads, gorgeous coated metal roses, vibrant chili pepper pendants, a glass peace pendant, and glass E beads.

bead strands in red, orange, yellow, turquoise, and green as well as prange flower pendants

This month I've switched things up a bit by providing some bonus beads in the collection, which means more beads are 30% off! You now have THREE options for purchasing the July Pretty Palette beading kit and they're all 30% off:
    *You can buy the entire collection with one click
    *You can pick and choose your own beads from the collection
    *You can buy the entire collection AND add bonus beads that coordinate 

If you're a newbie to my monthly challenge, read on to learn how you can play along!

1. Check out the current month's Pretty Palette challenge right here.

2. Get your July Pretty Palette bead kit for 30% off all month with Halcraft Collection's quick and easy ordering. Click to have the entire Pretty Palette Kit delivered to your doorstep right now!

3. Bead with your current collection while your Pretty Palette beads make their way to you as quickly as possible. Halcraft Collection's shipping can't be beat--and it's FREE to the U.S. with every order over $50!

4. Once you have the beads in hand, create something that is YOU! Feel free to add beads from your stash that flow with the provided palette or use only a portion of the beads chosen here. The key is to have fun and use your creativity.

5. Share an image of your creation on the last Wednesday of the month (July 29th) or later--we want everyone to be able to play along--in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #halcraftprettypalette and follow us on Instagram!

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