January 2021 Pretty Palette reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

Color palette with blue, aqua, green, cream, and navy color swatches

This set is SO MUCH FUN! 

owls sitting on a branch

Occasionally, a piece comes together without very much work at all, and surprisingly, the necklace for the New Beginnings Pretty Palette is one of those, even though it looks complicated. These beads worked so beautifully together despite their varied textures and materials. Using a bead board to lay out the strands of a three-strand collar proved to be the perfect way to spend a snowy evening. 

beaded necklace in blue, turquoise, green, cream, and navy

Instructions to make the New Beginnings Necklace

Let's start with this gorgeous collar necklace. Using three of the five holes in the slider bars made it possible to accommodate the larger beads with ease. Had I tried to use five strands of beads in this project with these sliders, the beads wouldn't have laid well within the sliders, and the strands would have looked "bunched" as I strung them. One fix for that would be to use smaller beads. A multi-strand  necklace uses quite a few beads, so I went for it and started mixing and matching many from my Pretty Palette collection here! Even though the necklace uses many beads, it's not a hard necklace to make. The only skills used here are good old-fashioned stringing. 

Instructions to make the New Beginnings Earrings

The earrings came together just as easily and much more quickly! The patina bead caps top off the bumpy beads perfectly, and the stacked  green glass ovals with tiger eye and montana blue faceted glass rondelles create a simple but sophisticated earring. 

Instructions to make the New Beginning Bracelet

With all of the "action" that's going on in the necklace and earrings of this set, I wanted to go with something a little more subdued for the bracelet. This bracelet has a charm that appeals to the minimalist in all of us. Hammered brass rings circle the wrist with a bespoke quality echoed in the stone charms that dangle. 

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