Gypsy Soul Necklace


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
featuring Bead Gallery® beads
available exclusively at
Materials: (Click on bead description to view link)
01     Bead Gallery® natural red jasper stone pendant
01     Bead Gallery® dark walnut printed pendant (90857)
08     Bead Gallery® orange dyed imperial jasper 6mm (13295)
08     Bead Gallery® honey agate round dyed 8mm (13321)
25     Bead Gallery® red coral chips (10730)
08     Bead Gallery® pink dyed imperial jasper 6mm (13296)
06     Bead Gallery® light purple dyed imperial jasper 8mm (13303)
06     Bead Gallery® Dark purple dyed imperial jasper 8mm (13302)
06     Bead Gallery® blue dyed imperial jasper 8mm (13294)
06     Bead Gallery® aqua dyed agate round 8mm (13331)
06     Bead Gallery® light blue dyed agate round 8mm (13318)
06     Bead Gallery® light blue dyed agate round 6mm (13332)
06     Bead Gallery® natural polar jade round 6mm (13243)
06     Bead Gallery® green matte fire crackle 10mm (13351)
160” brown 3-ply waxed linen cording

Wire nippers
Super glue
Clip Board or Macramé Board
Large document clip

Level of difficulty (Advanced)

Time – 1 to 2 hours depending on skill level


1.     Cut 3 lengths of 50” cording.
2.     Cut 1 length of 10” cording. Set aside.
3.     Remove bale from wood pendant.
4.     Bring 3 cords together, string both pendants to center of the cording and wrap cording around pendants 3 times.
5.    Bring cord together and form an overhand knot.
6.    Clip pendant knot under clip at the top of clipboard.
7.    Left side – Separate strands and string the following beads onto the center strand: orange jasper, honey agate, 2 red coral chips, pink jasper, light purple jasper, dark purple jasper, blue jasper, aqua agate, light blue agate 8mm, light blue dyed agate 6mm, polar jade, green agate (repeat 2 times) orange jasper, honey agate, 2 coral chips and pink agate.
8.    Clip the center strand to the bottom of clipboard with large document clip leaving room to move up beads.
9.    Move up orange jasper and form a square knot.
10.    Continuing moving up beads and forming a square knot in between the beads as you.
11.    Right side – Repeat steps 7-10 on right side of necklace.
12.    Remove necklace from clipboard.
13.    Bring strands together, form an overhand knot and trim long ends of cording.
14.    String 9 coral chips onto 10” cording.
15.    Wrap coral chips around base knot next to pendant and form 2 a knot.
16.    Trim end of cording and dab knot with super glue.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan.  Denise has been designing for Halcraft Collection 9 years. Her favorite style to create is anything with a bohemian flair. She resides in California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.