February 2023 Pretty Palette Reveal

monthly Design Challenge with larisma mandaro

February 2023 Pretty Palette Reveal

Welcome to the February 2023
Pretty Palette reveal!

Hey Fam!

Maybe we should have called it "Not so cold comfort"?  Not the coldest February we have experienced, which is fine by us!

The color mix is still great, and we included some really fun new items.  So stay inside as March might be like the summer and you will have to go out and get some sun!

As always, I hope you all enjoyed this months Pretty Palette, and were able to create as many pieces as your heart desired.

Here are the three pieces I made for this month's Pretty Palette challenge: 

Click for instructions and materials to make the Cold Comfort DIY Earrings

I can't wait to see an image of your creation in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group or tag Halcraft Collection with #halcraftprettypalette and follow us on Instagram

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Larisma Mandaro is excited to share a glimpse of the beautiful ideas that roam inside her head. Remember to always have fun when doing what brings you joy!