Feather Fall DIY Necklace

DESIGNED BY Denise Yezbak Moore

44   Bead Gallery® turquoise dyed howlite faceted rondelle (17704)
28   Bead Gallery® turquoise dyed howlite faceted rounds 4mm (17705)
21   Bead Gallery® turquoise dyed reconstituted oval top-hole (17254)
30   Bead Gallery® turquoise dyed howlite faceted round 7.7mm (17703)
64   Bead Gallery® turquoise dyed howlite faceted round 6mm (17707)
19   Bead Gallery® apatite stone round 10mm (17711)
01   Bead Gallery® aqua dyed agate stone slice 40mm (17714)
20   Bead Gallery® silver-plated small rondelle (82622)
02   Bead Gallery® antique silver-plated 4-hole spacer (12138)
01   silver tone 8mm jump ring
01   silver tone 20mm jump ring
01   silver tone large lobster clasp
90” brown waxed cording

Wire nippers
2 – Chain nose pliers

1 hour

1. Row 1 - Cut 25” of cording.
2. String 2 howlite 6mm, 4 howlite round 7.7mm, 22 howlite rondelles, apatite, silver rondelle, agate slice, silver rondelle, apatite, 22 howlite rondelles, 4 howlite round 7.7mm, and 2 howlite 6mm. Set aside.
3. Row 2 – Cut 30” of cording.
4. String 3 howlite 6mm, 12 howlite 7.7mm rounds, (silver rondelle, apatite) repeat 16 times, silver rondelle, 12 howlite 7.7mm rounds, and 3 howlite 6mm. Set aside.
5. Row 3 – Cut 35” of cording
6. String 27 howlite 6mm, (4mm howlite, top-hole howlite oval) repeat 20 times, 4mm howlite, and 27 howlite 6mm. Set aside.
7. Connection of Necklace - Attach 8mm jump ring to 20mm jump ring. Set aside.
8. Using 4-hole spacer, string row 1 on 1st hole, row 2 on 2nd hole, and row 3 on third hole. 4th hole will be left empty.
9. Bring all 3 strands together, string 8mm jump ring, and form 2 simple knots around ring.
10. Separate strands, move down a tad, form an overhand knot, string 4mm howlite, and form an overhand knot. Trim to desired length.
11. Repeat step 10 on other 2 strands.
12. Repeat steps 9-11 on other side of necklace replacing the jump rings with a large lobster clasp. 

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan who loves to create anything with a bohemian flair. She specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, photography, and social media. Denise resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children.