Do you have a catalog?

NO, but all of our available items are listed on our website, www.halcraftcollection.com.

Do you ship to (whatever country)?

Yes, and you are able to choose the type of shipping method you’d like during checkout.

Do you accept private shipping companies to pick up shipments?

No, but you can pick the type of shipping method you’d like at checkout.

Where is my order?

Please provide us with your order number and we will be able to pull the tracking number for you.

My order says delivered, but I did not receive it.

  • Please check with the shipping carrier before contacting Halcraft Collection.
  • Please send us the order number in question and we will investigate with the carrier.

Do you sell Wholesale?

Yes, we give a 40% discount off of non-sale items with use of a wholesale code on orders of over $300.00 in non-discounted items. Please request one from info@halcraft.collection.com.

Are your metal beads plated?

Yes, all of our metal beads, findings and charms are plated, but whether they are plated in 14K gold, silver, brass, copper or silver tone or gold tone, one must look at the description of each item. In our plating process we have a clear coating over each plated surface, which should increase the durability of the plated surface, and in the case of real silver, keep it from tarnishing for a while, but over time the outside elements will get to the metal and begin to oxidize, or tarnish them, unless they are stored in dry, dark places and cleaned from time to time to keep the surfaces fresh.