December's Birthstone:
 Tremendous Turquoise

Molly Schaller

Welcome to December’s birthstone feature! The top three December birthstones all have a bit of the blues.

Tanzanite, one of the most recently discovered gems, is found in only its namesake country, Tanzania.

Blue zircon, one of the oldest gems, comes in a range of colors but it is usually heat-treated until is it colorless, gold, or blue.

Turquoise is found in various places in the world, but its name comes from the French expression “pierre torques,” which references a Turkish stone brought to Europe from Turkey.

I’m focusing on turquoise as December’s birthstone this month. I absolutely love the real U.S. mined turquoise from Kingman Mines here in Arizona that we're able to provide here at the Halcraft Collection!


Color: It’s found in hues that are a powdery blue to robin’s egg blue.
Care: Turquoise has a Mohs hardness of 6, which is soft enough to carve. It should be protected from sunlight as well as makeup and other solvents. 
Uses and Folklore: Turquoise has been found as carved scarabs in ancient Egyptian tombs and is considered a sacred and protective stone.
Fun Fact: Apache Indians believed that attaching turquoise to their bows would increase their accuracy.

Shop Kingman Turqoise

Another great thing about this month's birthstone is the beautiful, affordable options available that are a pleasure to use. Turquoise dyed howlite and reconstituted turquoise are smart options that won’t break the bank and give a nearly identical look.

The Turquoise Chrysanthemum Necklace (top) features turquoise-dyed howlite beads, and the  Kingman Turquoise Necklace features all Kingman turquoise, mined here in the United States!  

Click for complete instructions to create your own Turquoise Chrysanthemum Necklace with Bead Gallery turquoise-dyed howlite beads

Click for complete instructions to create your own Kingman Turquoise Necklace with Bead Gallery Kingman Turquoise, mined here in the United States!

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