december 2020 Pretty Palette Reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

red, yellow, pink, cream, & green color Palette

We're going a little early this month for the reveal to give you a chance to pick up your own set of December Pretty Palette beads over the holidays! 

owls sitting on a branch

It's time to party!

Have you ever sat down to bead and quite simply fought with the creative process? Even though you mix and match your beads as normal, you find that they just aren't cooperating? I experienced two hours of bead "noncompliance" as I worked with these beads. 

I'd wove the small glass faceted rounds and duo beads into misshapen earrings, I created a droopy star ornament, and none of it worked. UNTIL I put a few of the burgundy pearls onto ball pins. After a little rearranging and stringing the pearls in opposite orders, I found a design I was happy with. It's simple but stunning, the way some of my favorites tend to be. 

bead strands in red and gold

Cranberry Bracelet Instructions

These beads are such fun and festive ways to add a punch of color and movement to your jewelry! I decided to continue on with what was working for the necklace, but as a longer necklace with gold chain. (If you wanted to create a necklace based on this bracelet that flows all the way around the neck it would be glorious, too!) 

Cranberry Necklace Instructions

The star ornament didn't work as well as I hoped, but I still wanted to work on some sort of red ornament. The teardrop shape formed with wire worked perfectly! I was able to add sparkle and gold glow to it as well.

Crimson Teardrop Ornament Instructions

Thank you so much for visiting and taking a peek at my creations this month! 

I hope to see you and your Pretty Palette challenge set in our Beaded Jewelry Facebook group soon, or tag Halcraft Collection with #halcraftprettypalette and follow us on Instagram!

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december 2020 Pretty Palette Collection 

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