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candy pop diy Bracelets


16 Bead Gallery® cat’s eye round light green glass 8mm (11032)
16 Bead Gallery® cat’s eye round orange 8mm (11042)
16 Bead Gallery® cat’s eye round lavender (11027)
16 Bead Gallery® cat’s eye round pink 8mm (11047)
16 Bead Gallery® cat’s eye round Lt. Sapphire 8mm (11037)
16 Bead Gallery@ cat’s eye round aqua 8mm (11022)
01 Bead Gallery® silver-plated arrow head (12493)
01 Bead Gallery® antique silver-plated tree of life charm (14242)
01 Bead Gallery® gunmetal tone faux opal starfish charm (16507)
01 Bead Gallery® gunmetal tone faux opal hamsa charm (16504)
01 Bead Gallery® gunmetal tone faux opal moon charm (16503)
01 Bead Gallery® silver-plated faux opal hamsa charm (16494)
240” S-Ion #18 super –Ion various colors (240” is per bracelet)

Wire nippers
Super glue
Small clipboard or macramé board
Large document clip

Level of difficulty (Advanced)

Time – 1 hour

Tip: Make sure your macramé loop matches the size of your button.

1. Cut 6 lengths of 40” cording.
2. Bring cords together, move down 7” and place cords under clipboard clip.
3. Separate strands into 2’s and clip the center 2 strands to bottom of clipboard with large document clip.
4. Form 14 square knots (you may need more or less knots depending on the size of your button).
5. Remove from clipboard, form a loop with the macramé section and form a simple knot.
6. Pull knot tight, trim short ends ONLY.
7. Dab knot with super glue. Let dry.
8. String 16 cat’s eye beads onto the 2 center strands.
9. Place macramé loop underneath clip on clipboard and clip beaded strand on the bottom of clipboard.
10. Move 1 bead up and form a square knot (repeat 15 times.)
11. Remove bracelet from clipboard.
12. Bring strands together, string button and form an overhand knot.
13. Pull knot tight, trim to desired fringe length and dab knot with super glue.
14. Fray ends of cording.
15. Using 8mm jump ring, attach charm to bracelet.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.


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