Buoy Necklace


Designed by Denise Yezbak Moore
featuring Bead Gallery® beads
available exclusively at www.Halcraftcollection.com

06     Bead Gallery® red/black/white striped blown glass (90596)
03     Bead Gallery® red blown glass ovals (90600)
06     Bead Gallery® blue/white striped oval blown glass (90578)
02     Bead Gallery® red/black/white blown glass rondelle & round (90595)
02     Bead Gallery® blue/white striped blow rondelle (90580)
08     Bead Gallery® green striped blown glass rondelles (90570)
08     Bead Gallery® yellow striped blown glass lentil (90606)
300” S-Lon light tan cording

Wire nippers
Super glue
Clip Board or Macramé Board
Large document clip

Level of difficulty (Advanced)

Time – 1 to 2 hours depending on skill level


1.     Cut 6 lengths of 50” cording.
2.     Bring cords together, move up 3” and form an overhand knot.
3.    Trim short end of cording to desired length and fray.
4.    Separate cords, string red oval on 2 cords, bring cords together and form an overhand knot.
5.    Bring cords together, string red stripped lentil and form an overhand knot
6.    Separate strands, string stripped round on 2 cords and form an overhand knot.
7.    Separate cords into 3’s on each side of necklace. This will be the right and left side.
8.    Left side – Place beaded centerpiece under document clip at the top of the clipboard.
9.    Separate the 3 strands clipping the center strand to the bottom of the clipboard with a document clip.
10.    Form 3 half knots.
11.    Bring Strands together, string blue striped oval.
12.    Repeat steps 9-10.
13.    Repeat steps 11-12 replacing beads in the following order – green rondelle, yellow lentil, red striped oval, blue striped oval, green rondelle, yellow lentil, red stripped, blue stripped rondelle, green rondelle, yellow lentil, red oval, blue stripped oval, green rondelle and yellow lentil.
14.    Repeat steps 8-13 on the right side of necklace.
15.    Bring strands together and form an overhand knot.
16.    Trim ends of cording and fray.

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan. Denise has been a senior designer here at Halcraft Collection for 9 years. She loves to create jewelry with a bohemian flair. She resides in Southern California and enjoys hearing from fellow beaders.