Bohemian nights necklace

DESIGNED BY Denise Yezbak Moore

Learn how to make this Bohemian Nights Necklace by designer Denise Yezbak Moore featuring Bead Gallery beads by Halcraft Collection. The instructions for this beautiful Bead Gallery creation include a comprehensive list of DIY jewelry making materials and supplies from our huge inventory of beads, charms, connectors, pendants, findings, stringing materials and tools. As well as a step by step DIY jewelry making a how-to guide for creating this one of a kind statement piece. Creating beautiful jewelry is easy with your online bead superstore!

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18 Bead Gallery® black dyed imperial jasper stone cube 6mm beads
20 Bead Gallery® dalmatian jasper stone round 8mm beads (13283A)
01 Bead Gallery® natural agate stone oval 25x40mm connector
01 silver tone 8mm jump ring
01 silver tone lobster clasp medium
148” Black 3-ply waxed linen cording

Beadalon classic nipper tool (JTNIP1)
G-S Hypo Cement (JA-GSHYPO)

Time: 1 hour

Level Of Difficulty: Advanced

Easy To Follow DIY Instructions

1. Cut 3 lengths of 30” cording
2. Centerpiece - String 1 hole of oval agate connector 11” down and form an overhand knot.
3. Dangles - 11” Strands – Strand 1 - Separate strands, form overhand knot, string round, form overhand knot, move down a tad, form overhand knot, string round, form overhand not, trim end of cording and fray.
4. Repeat step 3 on other 2 short 11” strands.
5. Left Side Of Necklace – Separate long strands, string cube on center strand, bring strands together and form overhand knot. Repeat 16 times.
6. String 8mm jump ring and form an overhand knot.
7. Separate strands, string round on center strand, bring strands together, form overhand knot, trim ends of cording, and fray.
8. Right side Of Necklace – Cut 2 lengths of 29” cording.
9. String other side of oval agate connector and form overhand knot. Trim short ends, dab knot with glue and let dry.
10. Separate strands, string round on 1 strand, move down a tad, bring strands together, and form overhand knot. Repeat 13 times alternating each cord as you go.
11. String lobster clasp and form overhand knot.
12. Bring strands together, string cube, form overhand knot, trim ends, and fray.

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Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan who loves to create anything with a bohemian flair. She specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, photography, and social media. Denise resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children.