August 2020 Pretty Palette Reveal

monthly Design Challenge with Molly Schaller

Red, yellow, grey, cream, and dark turquoise color palette

Who would have thought a spiny little creature would inspire a piece of jewelry?

The August Pretty Palette is filled with natural beauty. Do you know what this prickly natural beauty is above? 

It's a sea urchin! The carved soapstone rounds reminded me of these amazing sea creatures. And that bead inspired my necklace this month. The Sea Urchin Necklace features a tassel capped with a beautiful carved soapstone bead. 

bead strands in blue, cream, grey, and reddish orange, sea-themed charms, tassels, starfish pendant, and leather cording

Sea Urchin Necklace

This month's bracelets keep it simple with stretch for a laid back summer look. The Starfish Bracelet stack is made with bone, agate, shell, stone, and wood beads accented with gold spacers and the cutest little starfish charms you've ever seen! They're one of the amazing bonus beads in the collection this month along with that gorgeous peach-colored stalagmite burst. 

Starfish Bracelet Stack

Finally, I had a lot of fun with earrings. These two pairs are both lightweight but memorable showstoppers. The lightweight acrylic chain is perfect for bold impact. To detach the links, just examine the chain. Every other link has a small cut in it that you can open just enough to remove it from the chain. The Gotta Yacht? Earrings are quick and easy to make but make a statement. 

Gotta Yacht? Earrings

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August 2020 Pretty Palette Collection