March Birthstone DIY Necklace


Instructions to make your own Aquamarine & Agate Necklace

Designed by Molly Schaller
featuring Bead Gallery® beads and components
from the Halcraft Collection

2-3 str Bead Gallery® Aquamarine chips (10898)
1 Bead Gallery® 14x40mm painted green dyed agate tube (13553)
1 Bead Gallery® amber polyester tassel (13758)
1 Bead Gallery® 14k gold plated CZ hamsa with eye link (13422)
 Gold tone ½” eye pins
5” 20ga Artistic Wire
2 8mm gold tone jump rings
1 6mm gold tone jump ring
1 gold tone lobster clasp

Chain-nose pliers
Round-nose pliers
Wire nippers

Tip: Adjust the length of the necklace to suit your torso.

Time to create: 2-3 hours

1. Remove tassel from earring and pinch the loop at the top of the tassel so that it is narrow enough to place into the hole of the agate tube.
2. Bend one end of the 5” piece of wire into a narrow U shape and slide the loop of the tassel onto the wire so it sits inside the dip of the U.
3. Pass the wire up through the agate tube so that the wires can’t be seen. Make a decorative wrapped loop that attaches the bottom loop of the hamsa link to the agate tube. Trim excess wire.
4. Use a 6mm jump ring to attach the top loop of the hamsa link to an 8mm jump ring. Set aside the created pendant.
5. Slide a piece of aquamarine chip onto an eye pin. Make a simple loop. Repeat & attach the first link to the next link. Continue until the strand of links measures 18”. Connect lobster clasp to the first link of the strand.
6. Repeat step 5, attaching an 8mm jump ring to the first link of this strand.
7. Attach the final links of both strands to the 8mm jump ring of the pendant you created.
8. Enjoy!


March’s birthstone: aquamarine

Color: pale blue to deep green; clear to semi-opaque
Care: store in a dark place and clean with a soft brush and warm, soapy water
Meanings/Properties: means “sea water,” believed to bring eternal youth and good luck to the wearer
Uses: encourages happiness, frees the wearer from laziness, and protects one from foes in battle

The Aquamarine and Agate Necklace is handcrafted using real aquamarine chips and a hand-painted agate tube bead! Learn how to make your own custom pendant with a rhinestone tassel in the instructions above!