Aqua Autumn DIY Earrings

DESIGNED BY Denise Yezbak Moore

02   Bead Gallery® antique copper tone Aum charms (13984)
04   Bead Gallery® Imperial jasper green dyed 15x15mm square (13202)
50” antique brass tone 22g wire
02  copper or brass tone ear wires

Tools: Wire nippers
Round nose pliers
2 – Chain nose pliers

Time: Less than 45 minutes

1. Bottom Connector - Cut 15” of brass wire.
2. Remove jump ring from charm, and string charm to center of wire.
3. Bring wires together, and string square Imperial jasper.
4. Using both wires, form a wrapped loop.
5. Cut 1 long wire.
6. Bring wire down left side, wrap around bottom loop, bring wire up right side, wrap around top loop.
7. Repeat step 6 on back of jasper.
8. Top Connector – Cut 10” of brass wire.
9. Form a partial loop, string bottom connector loop, and complete wrapped loop.
10. String square imperial jasper, and form a wrapped loop.
11. Bring wire down left side, wrap around bottom loop, bring wire up on right side and wrap around top loop.
12. Repeat step 11 on backside of imperial jasper.
13. Attach ear wire to top loop.
14. Repeat steps 1-13 for 2nd earring.    

Denise Yezbak Moore is a self-taught artisan who loves to create anything with a bohemian flair. She specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, photography, and social media. Denise resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children.