A  Wallach  Family  Tradition

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Beauty through crafting is Halcraft's passion and unending quest. The free-spirited leaders of Halcraft USA boldly take the unmarked trails in a search for your next inspiration. A family of renegade spirits have continuously led Halcraft to cultures around the globe to return with undiscovered beauty so that you can flourish as an artisan.

Your Artistic Signature

With an array of colorful glass, semiprecious, wood, ceramic, shell, bone, horn, and metal beads from around the world, Halcraft combines new technologies with reimagined vintage designs to provide endless combinations to meet your every need.  Let our pursuit guide your artistic touch to create a visual signature that is exclusively yours. Your future begins here with an expression of the beauty and light within your soul.

Old Generations, New Inspirations

The heart and soul of the company that is now Halcraft began in New York City in 1926 when Sam Wallach entered the bead industry with his company, Walco, later turning into Walbead. His beads were carefully selected and imported from Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. With the ability to provide a large selection of beads, the Wallach family sold to companies specializing in everything from costumes for the circus, couture clothing for the fashion industry, embellishments for women’s hats, and to, of course, BEADS for jewelry designers and manufactures. The company was an early anchor on West 37th Street, which is still a bead center to this day, because of its proximity to the garment industry and theatre district. Designers could run into the store and walk out with new product for their designs.


Inspired by the craftsmanship and the precision of the tiny glass seed beads that were manufactured in The Czech Republic, the Wallach family sold their Czech beads to Native Americans, which were used to create traditional ornamentation on clothing, souvenirs, and most importantly, on their ceremonial attire.

Following Our Arrow

Creativity is exciting and this is what we are about and what we do.

We are a bead family, and Halcraft loves the excitement of finding new sources to bring to you.

As times and the jewelry industry changed, The Wallach family has continuously adapted their company to stay relevant in any age.  With their knowledge of the manufacturing processes and trends in jewelry, the family of Al and Barbara, then their sons Cliff and Josh, found themselves providing exciting jewelry beads to the large chain stores in their proprietary brands such as bead gallery® and Bliss Beads®.  Now for the first time these beads and this knowledge is available directly to the consumer at amazing prices and value. We would love to hear comments and suggestions from the beading community regarding what we can manufacture to better serve your needs, and we will work hard to earn your business and to earn your trust in us to continually inspire you with new products and concepts and trends that will help you to create amazing designs. Thank you for reading our bio and keep checking back to our site to find more information about what we are doing and where we are trekking to find new products for you!!