The Halcraft Collection is proud to share a variety of stringing materials to help you grow your jewelry-making stash and skills.

The Halcraft Collection includes thin, nylon beading thread and NylonPower bead cord with an attached needle. These are both wonderful options to use for beading projects that need a solid stringing material that does not have any stretch.

Enjoy the pleasure of working with more than 27 colors of 0.12mm nylon thread that fit a number 12 needle with the Halcraft Collection!

You’ll also find natural silk thread here with an attached needle. It is available in sizes 2-6.

DandyLine, WildFire, and Nymo thread are all perfect for use withyour seed bead projects and are available in a variety of colors. These stringing materials wont stretch as you bead, giving you secure pieces of jewelry that will last. Be sure to match your stringing materials to your project and and beads for the longest lasting product.