Swarovski® Crystals

Halcraft Collection is proud to include Swarovski® brand crystals in our extensive stock. Choose from over 3000 Swarovski® beads and flat backs for your sparkling pleasure. Buy with confidence!  Halcraft has been an authorized Swarovski® Retailer and we sell 100% genuine Swarovski® Crystals. Swarovski® crystals are crystal clear, unlike lower quality competitors, which often have blemishes and swirl marks, air bubbles, or an oily sheen. HalcraftCollection.com has a wide-ranging selection of glue-down flat-back 100% Swarovski® brand crystals, Swarovski®Hot Fix flat-back crystals, as well as beautiful, sharply faceted bi-cone beads and skull beads. These amazing machine-cut crystal beads and flat backs are the perfect upgrades to any jewelry project or crystallized projects, such as garment design and fingernail design! All accessories can benefit from bright Swarovski® sparkle. 

Use your imagination and consider adding these gorgeous products to your jewelry-making stash to experience the bling, shine, and sparkle that is classic Swarovski®!

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