Finding Super Bundles

The Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a wide variety of Mixes, Super Bundles, Kits, and Multi-packs to give you options to grow your jewelry-making stash. Our Super Bundles are larger than usual amounts of items packaged together for a deep discount.

Our Finding Super Bundles include both medium-and heavy-weight .926 sterling silver jump rings, silver crimp tubes, eyeglass holders, silver-plated toggle clasps, and silver-tone toggle clasps with end clamps for your leather jewelry projects. Our silver-tone bead cone Super Bundles are a great way to add a tidy ending to your necklace or bracelet project that is beautiful as well as functional.

We’re proud to be able to provide deep discounts on these items that are perfect for making jewelry in larger batches. This is the place to shop if you’re teaching jewelry classes or just making jewelry with a group of friends. All the beads you need are right here at your fingertips, ready to become something beautiful!