Stringing Materials

The Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a wide variety of stringing materials from cord to thread to wire to give you options to grow your jewelry-making stash and skills.

The four main categories our stringing materials fall into are wire, thread, chain, and cord. 

Our wire collection is made of craft wire, memory wire, and flexible beading wire. Each of which has its own special purpose. Artistic and German wire are great options for wire working projects such as handmade rings, wire-wrapped found object pendants, and basic wire work. Memory wire is a wonderful way to make easy wrap bracelets. Flexible beading wire and tiger tail are used in most beaded jewelry projects such as necklaces and bracelets that flow.

Our thread collection includes Dandyline and WildFire for your bead weaving needs, and will keep your seed beads happy!

Our chain collection includes premade necklaces and bracelets complete with clasps as well as a variety of chains made from acrylic and metal materials in a rainbow of colors. 

Our cord collection is made up of hemp, elastic, nylon, waxed linen, silk, and leather cord. Hemp is great for macrame jewelry projects, elastic cord is perfect for making stretch bracelets, nylon is also great for macrame, waxed linen and silk are lovely for knotting projects, and leather and suede are wonderful for casual summertime jewelry.