Stringing Basics Kits

The Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a wide variety of mixes, bundles, kits, and multi-packs to you to give you options to grow your jewelry-making stash. The Stringing Basics Kits include what you need to get started with beading.

The Tiger Tail Wire Kit includes everything you need to make eight necklaces or bracelets with flexible beading wire, jump rings, crimp tubes, and clasps.

The Eyeglass Holder Kit includes tiger tail as well as specialized rubber loops that are perfect for gently holding the arms of your glasses as well as jump rings and crimp tubes. You can make four eyeglass holders with this kit.

Our Nylon Cord Kit includes two spools of nylon cording plus clasps, jump rings, and two needles for stringing beaded jewelry designs with a lovely drape.

Start with the Stringing Basics Kits for batch-making or planning a jewelry-making party. It’s easy to simple to start beading when you have the basic stringing materials you need.