Shell Beads

The Halcraft Collection Shell Beads are light-weight and bright, while having the depth of layers of color and translucence that make them so beautiful in any jewelry design.

Although our shell beads range from Abalone to Zebra, most of our dyed and white shells are derived from the lake mussels that we use to grow our fresh water pearls. In this manner we can truly utilize every part of the mussel because we can polish and drill the pearls to make beautiful beads, use the meat for fertilizer in nearby farms, utilize the shells that have pearls stuck to them to make pendants or even dishes and artwork, and utilize the shells that are plain on the outside to cut into beads to be dyed or left naturally white for jewelry making.

There are some sea shells such as Mother of Pearl that need to be cut very carefully so that the bright surface of the interior shell color will cover as much of a round bead as possible, and there are other shells like black lip pearl that have different shades of grey and black that naturally grow in layers as the shell grows, and this can be seen in each bead and product that is derived from the raw shell.

Abalone shell also needs to be cut and polished carefully to not waste the beautiful layers of translucent shell that adorn the inside of each shell - ensuring that as little of this rainbow translucent surface is wasted during cutting and polishing is a very important factor in the final cost of the beads or pendants!

We hope that you will find the perfect Shell Beads for your creations and jewelry designs on Halcraft Collection, and that you will love the way that they look once you work them into your projects!

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