Settings & Bezels

Halcraft Collection is proud to bring a variety of bezels and settings to your jewelry-making experience.

Bezels are like tiny frames waiting for your creativity to fill them up! Halcraft Collections’ bezels are available in various tones of metals: gold, silver, and gunmetal. They also have a variety of styles. Some are modern and plain; others are ornate with filigree-like wires dancing around the frame.

To create your own artwork with bezels, you can use a variety of techniques. Some people enjoy placing a photograph within the bezel and then covering it with a clear resin to protect the image. Another common technique is to place a bead of 2-part epoxy in the frame and press small crystal chatons and charms into the epoxy for an embellished design.

Many of the Halcraft Collection bezels and settings have attached loops so they can be added directly to a necklace or bracelet with a simple jump ring in a matter of moments.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy expanding your creative wings with bezels and settings from the Halcraft Collection.