Semi-Precious Beads

Halcraft Collection has thousands of Semi-precious beads from Amethyst to Zimbabwe Jasper and everything in between. We have polished beads, faceted beads, matte beads, druzy beads, rounds, rondells, square beads, rectangular beads, oval beads, triangular beads, elongated beads and teardrops, sliders, briolettes, and more.

Our semi-precious stone beads are sourced from around the globe and processed mostly in India or China, although we do have some real Turquoise beads that are mined and processed right here in the USA as well!! We have crystals of many different shapes, sizes and colors. We have natural stone like Tiger Eye and Amazonite, and we have dyed stone like crackle agate and howlite, as well as reconstituted stone that is an incredibly good value for their look and feel!

Some of our Semi-precious stone beads take days to cut and carve and polish, and many are made with automatic machines that facet and drill the holes in them, and we pass the savings that we get from this automation down to our customers so that you can make MORE beautiful finished jewelry for less.

We love our Semi-precious beads and we are confident that you will too, so come have a look and find the stone beads that inspire you and fulfill your need for elegant beads for your jewelry designs.

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