Preciosa Czech Crystal Chatons & Flatback Rhinestones

Preciosa Czech glass chatons and flatback crystals are made from the finest locally sourced raw ingredients, and they are unparalleled in both quality and shine. Every chaton and flat back is carefully handcrafted using centuries-old glassmaking techniques and natural Bohemian sand, notoriously rich in silica and silicon- oxide. They are precision cut for consistently superior sparkle and shine. The foil backing on both the flatbacks and the chatons ensures outstanding light refraction for flashing color and shine. The Preciosa Czech glass chatons and flatbacks are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and coatings to suit your jewelry-making and embellishment needs. Both Preciosa Czech Crystal Chaton and Preciosa Flatback Rhinestone products are perfect for use with 2-part epoxy clay to create pavé-style jewelry that shines. Preciosa Flatback Rhinestones are perfect for nail art and clothing embellishment by using an adhesive that is appropriate for the surface to which you’re adhering. Make your creations shine with Preciosa Czech Crystal Chatons and Preciosa Flatback Rhinestones from Halcraft Collection.