Natural Turquoise Beads

Halcraft Collection’s natural turquoise beads are a wonderful, high-quality addition to our line of gorgeous semi-precious stone beads. Turquoise is a generally chalky and light stone that is most often found in areas of high copper concentration. The combination of oxidizing copper, running water, and chalky, light-colored stone, creates a natural dying process that can go on for millennia. The result is a beautiful blue-green stone with inclusions of harder brown stone in a random matrix, making every bead and stone from any deposit completely original.

The beauty and natural elegance of the aqua color of natural turquoise beads have been used in jewelry in ancient Egypt, ancient Aztec, and Native American cultures. The stone is easy to work with because it is so soft, but it is also fragile. This is the reason all modern turquoise jewelry is hardened with a clear resin that fills in all of the pores and crevasses in the stone before it is cut, designating it as "stabilized" stone. The resin dries nearly as hard as the stone itself, but it is often perfectly clear, but in some cases, it is dyed to match the aqua-turquoise color to add color to the stone as well as strength. This makes the stone less fragile and enables it to be worked into smaller and more detailed shapes and still last for generations of use. The Halcraft Collection is proud to include American-mined and cut natural turquoise in our line of amazing beads.