Moonstone Beads

Halcraft Collection is proud of our wide variety of Moonstone beads which includes natural untreated Moonstone beads as well as coated Moonstone beads. These lustrous Moonstone beads seem to emanate light from within due to the reflection of light that refracts over a multitude of microscopic layers within the construct of the stone. The result is the look of a  moonbeam captured within each moonstone bead. Our moonstone beads are mined and faceted in Jaipur, India, and they are handcrafted to make the most of the inner light in the stone.

We have vacuum-plated light metallic transparent coatings over the surface of many of our faceted moonstone beads which is our Mystic Moonstone line; the results are simply lovely! Their lustrous, shimmering finish is divine and you will love using it to create a wild and otherworldly look in any of your own jewelry designs.