Millefiori Glass Beads

Millefiori (one thousand flowers in Italian) glass beads date back to the early 1600s when glass artisans on the Island of Murano, just off the coast of Venice, perfected the art of creating layered canes of glass that looked like beautiful flowers, and that could be made to be any size disc bead.  This art has been duplicated and advanced over the centuries starting with the Ancient Egyptians in the 2nd Century BC, but the look and the name will always be the same: One Thousand Flowers, or Millefiori Glass Beads. 

The island of Murano is also where the earliest known “seed beads” were manufactured, strands as early as 1290 AD, and the process of making the Millefiori beads borrowed from the perfected process of making various-size seed beads in a manner that allowed them to be mass-produced and available for commerce at reasonable costs. You can read more about our Millefiori beads in our Blog Post!

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